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A Hero's Tale

Oh Muses, where have I gone wrong
In leading a stray my dearest comrades?
Was I not strong willed like Herkales;
Enduring my punishments and guilt's
Being humiliated by gender roles
Overcoming my pride and lust for women
Atoning for the sins of my past
Facing every obstacle with perfect penitence
Consciousness taming the beast called temper
Was I not clever and resilient like Ulysses;
Eyes on the horizon, looking toward the holy grail
Incurring the wrath of Poseidon
Celibate to enchanting sirens and immortality's gift
I'd string a hundred bows and shoot two hundred targets
To prove my worth to those who earn my love
Were I skilled as the hunter Orion
We'd chase the Scorpion into the horizon
Embarking on a journey across the stars
Should I act recklessly and passionately like Paris?
Life's simplicities changed by the apple of Fate
Should I forsake country and reason for selfish desires?
Has vanity condemned me to my undoing
Lying helplessly in love by the waters edge
Scorning lovers seek retribution through divine means
Left only a memory in broken hearts and Narcissist beauty
To Tatarus I'd travel, to recollect your souls
The faithful responding to the lyre's call
I'd walk to death's door to regain your trust
Reduced to a crimson smear across the spring grass
Let life make you all frenzied drunkards!
Carnivorous for the sins Dionysus indulges
Through war and strife, to victory I'd lead us
Honorable men with future's and fame
Our alliances strong and our causes noble
Past the Elysian Fields and out of time we'd march
If the quill is mightier, let Homer do battle
Hephaestus forged these bonds between us
Leave the Ariadne thread in the labyrinth
And on waxed wings, let us soar out of sight